(20200221)I’ll try thyme.

(20200221)I’ll try thyme.

I learned the rhyme last lesson.

I’m going to try rhyme.


I had also teen.

I had played something every time.

I liked a girl at fourteen.

The memories like a lime.

I went to the first concert at nineteen.

The singer was a French female.

I thought the singer like a queen.

I listened to her songs every time.

It became my routine.

The singer moved my heart like a trampoline.

She appeared on my dream screen.


Thank you for listening!


I used ‘Poet Assistant’ for android app.

I saw the Cats.(20200131)

I saw the Cats.

The Cats was not my cats.

The Cats was the movie.

My wife and I saw it at Aeon Mall Hiezu in Tottori Prefecture this Monday.

The cats on the screen were all persons.

The performers had cat hair, ears and tail.

Their ears and tail were moving like a real cat with facial expressions of performers.

I have never seen the Cats musical, but I was glad to see the “Memory” vocal scenes.


Thank you for listening!

I don’t like Trump but I like TRUMP.

(20191011)I don’t like Trump but I like TRUMP.

Many people probably don’t like Trump. He is the president of USA. Most Japanese people like the “TRUMP”. The “TRUMP” in japan is playing cards.

I knew something about the card.

Here! This is “Kaki pea”, mix of peanuts and spicy baked or fried mochi chips in the shape of kaki seed.

The kaki is Japanese persimmon. Please eat.

Each card has four colors, four marks and numbers from A to K. Did you know what they meant. I knew these meaning by eating the Kaki-pea. Red is daytime and black is nighttime. The mark is 4 seasons, clubs is spring, diamond is summer, hart is autumn, spade is winter. 52 cards are 52 weeks. The total number of cards is 364, and add one joker or two jokers to the total. That is number of days in a year.

 Thank you for listening!



I saw the movie. (20190906)

I saw the movie with my wife last Wednesday. The title was “Once upon a time in Hollywood”.The main casts were Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt. The movie scripted L.A. in 1969. The screening time was as long as 162 minutes. DiCaprio was acting as a failing actor. He was becoming heavy drinker and smoker. Brad Pitt was the role of DiCaprio stuntman and had more free time.

We were not very interesting.

But I was interested in the DiCaprio break scene. He sat next to a girl. Julia Butters acted a 8-year-old girl. He asked her what book not being the script you were reading. She said him “I’m going to be a famous actress’. I think he understood what to do.

And another interesting scene was that Brad Pitt with his big dog knocked down some attacking hippies.

Thank you for listening!


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“Thank You!” of Akemi Masuda (20190830)


Last month I listened the speech of Akemi Masuda. She was an athlete of marathon. The 1984 Los Angeles Olympics was the first event of women’s marathon. She was a Japanese top runner. But she gave up during the L.A. Olympic race. She was bashing by heartless Japanese.

We listened her mind.

After the end of her speech hour we were going out the hole. She stood there. She was shaking hands with the visitors and she said “Thank you”.

I said her “we were saying to you “Thank you”. She said me “No, you were busy and came to hear me. So thank you.”

We shook hands again.

Thank you for listening!



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Something unlucky happened 3 days ago.(20190614)

I had been eating and drinking more than 1 kirogram of food every day.  I had been eating bread, rice, soup, meet and vegetables etc. But, I am getting smaller.

We had medical checkups last Tuesday. My height was 1 cm lower than last year. Last year’s one was also 1cm lower than 2 years ago. In recent years, it has been lowered about 1 cm each time it was measured. If my height goes like this, what happens to my body 10, 20 or 30 years later? I may be an ant in the future.

Thank you for listening!

2642 people were swallowed in The Waki-honjin Kishiro house. (20190524)

On one day before of Sakura festival, Saturday, April 13, it was very sunny.

The Kishiro house get 2642 visitors on the fine Saturday.

I was on duty to open the Waki-honjin Kishiro house. The Waki-honjin was a subsidiary inn used by a daimyo’s attendants during the Edo period. The Kishiro house has been used by Matsudaira clan of the Matsue Domain, area around Matsue city, Shimane Prefecture in present days.

Amazingly, the number of the one day’s visitors were about 3 times of the population of Shinjo village.

Thank you for listening!

※subsidiary:付属的、attendants:付添人、Matsudaira clan:松平家、Matsue Domain:松江藩、



I made, read and made something.(20190215)

I made the “Konnyaku” and the “Tabi” and was reading some novels after last English class.

I made over 50 Konnyaku with 5 Konnyaku potatos,2.5 kg potatos over 5 hours.

I made two “Tabi”, Japanese socks. It took me about 5 hours to make one Tabi. I put on a pair Tabi today.

I read novels such as Maiko Seo “Soshite Baton wa watasareta”, After that Passed the baton to a person, Tomihiko Morio “Nettai” , “Tropical” , You Ashizawa “Hi no naitokoro ni kemuri wa” , Smoke without fire, and Koutarou Isaka “Fuga wa Yuga” ,Fuga is Yuga, and Huminori Onodera “Hito”, A man, Kaoru Takata “Hana Dayori Miotukushi Ryourityou Tokubetu kan”, News of blossom Miotsukusi cooking note Special version, Kaeruko Akeno “kaisya wo tuduru Hito”, A person writing company, Charles Perrault “Pero douwasyu”, Perrault fairy tale containing Little Red riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty and Puss-in-Boots etc.

I had a fulfilling two weeks.

Thank you for listening!

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I read 2890 pages of novels in January(20190201)

I read 10 novels, 2890 pages,an average of 93 pages a day in January. Last week, I announced my goal this year, which I proceeded with reading. Currently I finished reading 3 volumes out of ten books of ‘Hon-ya Taisyo’,the bookstore grand prize nomination shich was announced on January 22nd. For the moment, I was most impressed by Chinen Mikito’s “Hitotumugi-no-Te.” ‘Tsumugi’ means spinning thread. The hero is a doctor of cardiac surgery. I think that the meaning of ‘Hitotsumugi’ is the meaning of surgery that connects the heart and its surrounding blood vessels with surgery, and that it connects the skills of doctors by nurturing trainees and others. I hope to read the remaining seven volumes by April 9th when the bookshop grand prize is announced.
Thank you for listening!

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My New Year Resolution. -20190125

20190125ーMy New Year Resolution.

Last year I said at this class that my resolution is to make a haiku collection and I want to write a story of Usuiro butterfly. I got good results. I could make a collection of members many haiku. And I could write two stories of Usuiro butterfly. Then I thought my new year resolution. My first resolution is to read an average of 80 page novels a day. Last year I read an average of 62 page novels a day and an average of 79 page a day after January 2012.  ‘Nichi-Nichi-Kore-Koujitsu’,’Every day is a good day’ in English, is a best book. Especially I like the sentence “In my own way,to make my own way of growing as it is” and “There is only one way. You have to taste it now”.  MY second resolution is to summarize something along the Izumo kaido way in the Edo period.

Thank you for listening!

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