I read 2890 pages of novels in January(20190201)

I read 10 novels, 2890 pages,an average of 93 pages a day in January. Last week, I announced my goal this year, which I proceeded with reading. Currently I finished reading 3 volumes out of ten books of ‘Hon-ya Taisyo’,the bookstore grand prize nomination shich was announced on January 22nd. For the moment, I was most impressed by Chinen Mikito’s “Hitotumugi-no-Te.” ‘Tsumugi’ means spinning thread. The hero is a doctor of cardiac surgery. I think that the meaning of ‘Hitotsumugi’ is the meaning of surgery that connects the heart and its surrounding blood vessels with surgery, and that it connects the skills of doctors by nurturing trainees and others. I hope to read the remaining seven volumes by April 9th when the bookshop grand prize is announced.
Thank you for listening!

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