I saw the movie. (20190906)

I saw the movie with my wife last Wednesday. The title was “Once upon a time in Hollywood”.The main casts were Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt. The movie scripted L.A. in 1969. The screening time was as long as 162 minutes. DiCaprio was acting as a failing actor. He was becoming heavy drinker and smoker. Brad Pitt was the role of DiCaprio stuntman and had more free time.

We were not very interesting.

But I was interested in the DiCaprio break scene. He sat next to a girl. Julia Butters acted a 8-year-old girl. He asked her what book not being the script you were reading. She said him “I’m going to be a famous actress’. I think he understood what to do.

And another interesting scene was that Brad Pitt with his big dog knocked down some attacking hippies.

Thank you for listening!


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