I don’t like Trump but I like TRUMP.

(20191011)I don’t like Trump but I like TRUMP.

Many people probably don’t like Trump. He is the president of USA. Most Japanese people like the “TRUMP”. The “TRUMP” in japan is playing cards.

I knew something about the card.

Here! This is “Kaki pea”, mix of peanuts and spicy baked or fried mochi chips in the shape of kaki seed.

The kaki is Japanese persimmon. Please eat.

Each card has four colors, four marks and numbers from A to K. Did you know what they meant. I knew these meaning by eating the Kaki-pea. Red is daytime and black is nighttime. The mark is 4 seasons, clubs is spring, diamond is summer, hart is autumn, spade is winter. 52 cards are 52 weeks. The total number of cards is 364, and add one joker or two jokers to the total. That is number of days in a year.

 Thank you for listening!