2642 people were swallowed in The Waki-honjin Kishiro house. (20190524)

On one day before of Sakura festival, Saturday, April 13, it was very sunny.

The Kishiro house get 2642 visitors on the fine Saturday.

I was on duty to open the Waki-honjin Kishiro house. The Waki-honjin was a subsidiary inn used by a daimyo’s attendants during the Edo period. The Kishiro house has been used by Matsudaira clan of the Matsue Domain, area around Matsue city, Shimane Prefecture in present days.

Amazingly, the number of the one day’s visitors were about 3 times of the population of Shinjo village.

Thank you for listening!

※subsidiary:付属的、attendants:付添人、Matsudaira clan:松平家、Matsue Domain:松江藩、




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